Beach Decor Bob Marley Palm Tree and Love the Life White Palm Tree on Teal Background reclaimed pallet wood 21"L x 32"W - beach house


Beach Decor White Palm Tree and Love the Life You Live, Live the Life you Love on Teal background. Embrace the beach mind set. Whether it is a declaration of what you think or a reminder to think this way, this wall hanging brings a coastal vibe to your home. And, who says it better than Bob Marley? Love the life you live, live the life you love. The size is roughly 21'L x 32"W x 2"D. Please message me if you would like this piece in another color or size. This wall art is made from reclaimed pallet wood. The years of weather and miles of wear create a rustic look that simply can not be artificially created. Splits, cracks and nail holes build character. This item has already been sold. Your purchase will be a very similar product. Reclaimed wood provides a unique appearance. Each item is a one of a kind. While custom orders will be very similar to the item shown, some differences may be noticeable. This item is shipped complete and with necessary mounting hardware. Check out the rest of the shop!